Aqua Fitnes Programmes for Elite Athletes & all Professionals

Margaret Ryall-Egan designs and conducts aqua fitness programmes for athletic injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
Margaret’s work is widely acknowledged by Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, who regularly refer clients for specialized professional aqua fitness rehabilitation training.

Pivotal to the programme is the incorporation of sports specific exercises utilizing the Ryall’s Buoyancy Belt and the Rippers, which were invented to increase resistance while supporting participants in the stress free environment of the deepwater.

Among Margaret’s many clients are a variety of Olympians including, Ian Thorpe (Australian Olympic Swimmer), Alyson Annan (Australian Olympic Hockey Player), Robyn Maher, Michele Timms, Trish Fallon, Shelly Sandie, Karen Dalton (Australian Olympic Basketballers).

In recent years Margaret designed and conducted deepwater training programmes for, Australian National Rugby League Clubs, the New South Wales Sheffield Shield Cricket Team, Junior level National Athletes and Junior level National Inline and Artistic Skaters, Australian Defence Services (Army & Navy).

Clients are not only returning to training/competition and/or the workplace in a shorter time frame than their coaches/employers/doctors expected, but are returning with increased fitness and strength levels than experienced after land based rehabilitation programmes.  


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