Testimonials to Ryall’s Water Workout : -

 Ian Thorpe, Australian Olympic Swimmer stated, after training with Margaret Ryall, using her aqua fitness products & programmes, that deepwater running aided his recovery after having extensive damage to his left ankle. It allowed him to gain strength in the surrounding muscles and also aided his recovery.

 Steve Brossman – (former International Fitness Instructor of the Year and leading Australian Track & Field Coach) acknowledged Margaret Ryall’s aqua fitness products as a great training device for very sports specific resistance to increase fitness and endurance levels and aid long term injury prevention.

Leading Australian Medical Practitioners & Lecturers-
Dr Jenny Saunders – (leading Sports Physician and International Lecturer);
Albert Alonso – (Grad. Dip.App.Sc,[Sports Phys], B. App. Sc. M.A.P.A.);and Paul Batman – (Head Lecturer – Fitness Institute of Australia. M. Sc. B.Sc. Dip. Phys Ed. Dip Ed.); all acknowledged Margaret Ryall’s aqua fitness products & programmes are specifically researched and designed for correct anatomical and technical function.

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